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    Compressor high amps, compressor pumps then overload kicks in

    I have a trauslen Reach in refrigerator. The issue I have is when the compressor kicks on it only runs just for a few seconds before shutting off. I measured amps when compressor starters and drew 51 amps and only saw it come down to about 45 amps before shutting down. I put a hard start kit, and this time the compressor runs for about 20 seconds before shutting off. It starts again at 51 amps and very slowly drops down to 20 amps before shutting down with the hard start. During the short time is on, suction pressure goes down to about 10psi and head pressure at about 120psi. Condenser fan stays running the whole time. There is no high/low pressure switch in circuit. What could be the issue? Bad bearings in compressor? Ohmed out windings to ground, no continuity there.

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    Ohm readings C - S - R?

    Factory start kit or 3 n 1?

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    Time for a refer tech. The reason it shuts off is heat applied to the thermal protection switch on the motor windings.
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