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We are yanking the fuel oil and going propane so the chimney is not a problem. I believe they have an electric water heater so the chimney will be abandoned.
I am unsure about basement flooding but looking at the pics it looks like clean concrete and dry at this point.
We will be reusing the existing supply and return plenums and ducting (maybe adding more return if necessary ad they of course are almost always inadequately sized.
Putting the unit upstairs seems like a good idea but probably not something that many people would really consider if the basement is otherwise dry. I have only seen some pics but I am going out there later next week to look at it I believe.

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Condensing Gas, should give far fewer problems than oil. How are you planning to run your PVC, up the old chimney, or horizontal Kanga?

A couple of years back, I installed a Propane Condensing Gas with Heat Pump, in a home that only had an old Siegler Stove for heat. Each room of this Farm House had it's own stone foundation, with each foundation being approx. 30" wide +/- a couple of inches.

The bulk of these rooms, were over their own crawl space with the height averaging about 24", .... Boys turned in to Men, & Men cried on that Job. LOL!

I asked about the "Flooding", cause since Sept. 2018, ... I've had Service Calls for homes (Not My Installs), where the equipment got Flooded out so bad, that the only way to get in to the partial basement was by pumping it out first. The Upflow furnace on that one, had gone completely under-water. But, in that case, even a furnace installed horizontally in a cradle would've been damaged. That H.O., had let his gutters go to crap, & the downspouts were pouring water straight down along the outside wall, plus, his basement entry, was stone with no drain, & there wasn't a Sump-pump in the basement.

Lol! The H.O., thought that I'd be just taking some towels & drying out the furnace. To compound the matter, that furnace had received flooding before, for the blower compartment was rusted through so badly that a softball coulda rolled through it with hardly any problem. He had insurance, & they paid for the Furnace only, & not the Duct work changes, nor the A.C. that his wife wanted.

As far as putting the Furnace upstairs? Where I've shown the H.O., the amount of Rust, Dust, Dirt, & even dead mice, & skeletons of things that I couldn't figure out what it was, ... the bulk of them agreed with my installing the unit upstairs, & boxing it in (Fire rated drywall inside & outside, & a Fire rated door)so as make Service a Breeze, as well as the H.O. able to change filters.

On Condensing Gas, the bulk of the time that "Furnace Room" was located on an outside wall, that allowed horizontal Exhaust/Combustion Air.

With the bulk of my work, out here in the Country, ... many of the installs have been done in Old Farmhouses, & each time there's been some kind of surprise that popped up, like Groundhawgs that seriously didn't want me in their Home, & a several HUGE Snakes that showed me how big of a Wussie one of my helpers, named Charley was, cuz he hauled his 6'3 280 pound frame outa that low basement/crawl Screaming like a Beaten Baby, when that 5 ft long black snake fell outa the floor joists on him. I think Charley pissed himself, but he swore that he used the H.O.'s garden hose, while he was running around the yard like a chicken with it's head cut off.