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    Air returns go into inner layer of bricks

    I have an older 50's house and was wondering if there would be any benefit of moving my returns in out of the brick and filling the hole. I would just move the return from the base of the wall and onto the floor. I am in the process of redoing the basement and before I close the walls I wanted to see if I should mess with it. The house has a new furnace. Not sure if the duct are org, but I would assume they are older. Currently the house does not have any type of fresh air intake, would love to add an ERA to my main return at some point.

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    We can’t tell from your pictures. If you’re keeping your equipment you’ll need to know how much air flow it requires. That is assuming that the equipment is the right size. Statistically, it’s oversized. Then you need to find out if the ducts can deliver the amount of air for the equipment.
    I suggest you hire a contractor who is knowledgeable in sizing equipment and air flow.
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    Free online load calculator:

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