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    Quote Originally Posted by pecmsg View Post
    Why are you pissed at Taylor? If that's there policy and its in writing then That's there policy! Get pissed at the clown you bought it from!
    The Taylor website says the compressor is covered under warranty for 5 years, it does not state only for first user.

    Taylor are the company who sent out two incompetent workers to fix the machine. They told me six times they knew what was wrong, and six times they were proven wrong. Then they decided it was the compressor and there was no way to change it, so that was the diagnosis, I have absolutely no faith that is even the problem.

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    I keep reading "Buyer" your not the BUYER!

    Now if you got a hold of the original Buyer he could probably get the compressor but your still on the hook for shipping, labor, driers, refrigerant, consumables on and on! that's NOT COVERED!

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    Sounds like you have a bad motor or compressor short.

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