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    Used Appion G5Twin-EP questions

    I tried to a post this thread a few minutes ago, but I must have done something wrong. I apologise if I've posted it twice somehow with slightly different wording...

    Anyway, I am new to the HVAC trade and from Australia. I have been picking up some used tools and equipment to get started, and recently picked up an Appion G5Twin-EP unit. This appears to be exactly the same as the request G5Twin unit, but in my case is a 230V version, has kPA instead of PSI gauges and has a recover/purge knob between the inlet and outlet - otherwise it appears to be identical.

    When I first picked it up, it reached the high pressure cut-off (~550psi) in about a minute and a half, so was a bit slower than spec but it got there.

    Since then, I pulled the casing off to have a look at the internals and clean it up a bit (it was pretty grimey) and check for obvious signs of damage. I didn't crack any flare nuts or fiddle with any cylinder bolts or anything like that, but I did remove the knobs from the face of the unit because I was going to try and remove that as well (I didn't end up doing that in the end, because I would have had to remove the gauges and didn't want to do it yet).

    Now when I test it, I can't get it over ~400psi no matter how long I leave it. It holds pressure fine when I close inlet and outlet valves so I don't believe there is a leak.

    I suspect that I may have installed the recover/purge knob in the incorrect position, but it doesn't seem to be as straight forward as the regular inlet/outlet ball valves where I can obviously easily tell if it's open or closed by checking if there is suction or pressure on the inlet and outlet ports. My gut feeling is that I've now got a valve somewhere in the manifold in the incorrect position and therefore unable to reach the high pressure cutoff threshold no matter how long I leave the machine running, but I am still new to the trade so could be wrong and this might be co-incidence.

    Does anyone have any pointers they could throw my way?


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    No sir, you didn't do anything wrong.

    When the software sees a post from a new member with key strokes such as ()~ in the text it puts it in a moderation que for me to inspect. It just takes time for me to validate them all.

    I deleted your first and approved this one.

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