This is a shameless post hoping for insight from TB, but appreciate any insight into the install! I am installing the UA XT205H on my basement handler with a fresh intake. My HVAC guy has never done this before, so basically it is the blind leading the deaf over here. I've read through all the books and threads, but still have a few questions to make sure I am doing this right.

The handler actually has 3 returns on it, one from each end of the coverage zone, one in the center. I'd like to reroute the center return for the dehumidifier... is that best? Basically having the central return be the dehumidifier only return?

Onto DEH3000/3000R control - do I set it up to lock out the A/C during dehumidifier or the opposite? And should I do dehumidifier lock off or lock on?

I would hope to run the fresh intake portion of the dehumidifier for longer than I use my A/C (I use the AC June-mid september, would hope to use fresh intake on dehumidifier April - October, although I probably only have humidity in the house higher than 40% mid May-August) - is this possible? I guess I would love if the 3000 controlled the vent was a IFTTT for temperature and humidity - is there a way to do that? (I suppose my follow up post is likely to be "how to best program the 3000 for maximum fresh air in the fall and spring and max efficiency in the summer")

Back to the hardware -I bought the hang kit, but easiest install is under my hanging handler on the floor. Is this a problem? Advice on keeping mice away from it?

And finally, the exterior vent will be going outside through a window that has been partially replaced with plywood (I'm being creative with my 1720s constructed cellar). Any vents you all can recommend to keep rodents out? Also, regarding the exterior vent - any products that let me intake air about 1-2 feet higher than the window I am venting through?
Thanks so much!