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Thread: Fulton Boiler

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    Fulton Boiler

    Have a job working on a Fulton phw2000
    The unit hasn't been run in 3 years. I've ordered the maintenance kit along with a low water probe and a few other parts. I have the manual that expains how to adjust the linkages for proper gas pressure, but there is no info on combustion testing/ baseline numbers/ air adjustments, wondering if anyone might have some insight on how to set this up correctly. Thanks in advance.

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    If you document the national board number of the unit and provide that to the Fulton sales representative who sold you the parts, they should be able to provide the baseline combustion numbers to get this unit back up and running.

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    Do yourself a favor and use a watertube manometer. You wont be able to read anything else. The combustion is too jumpy for analog and digital manometers.

    Air adjustment depends on the vintage. I think most of the current ones have a single point of air adjustment on the air intake inside the boiler.

    The older ones you had to adjust the distance between the plates the flappers ride between. Hopefully the spark plug is not seized. Ive had to re-tap a few.

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