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    TAB a good career?

    I was wondering if becoming a certified Testing, Adjusting and Balancing tech/professional is a career worth getting into if you are working as a HVAC tech for a commercial company that is NEBB certified? Is it a highly stressful job or fairly cruisy? What are the pros and cons of being a TAB guy?

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    From what I hear it can be stressful. Not so much from the difficulty, but the shear volume of work.

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    TAB can be a great career if you learn the fundamentals and how they apply. The biggest problem with doing TAB is you are at the very bottom of the power chain but nobody gets their retainer until you submit a report that is approved. The pressure comes from the contractors and you better be capable of handling it. When a system doesn't work as designed you are the first person they want to blame. You better know what you are doing or the engineers will eat you alive in the come to Jesus meetings.
    The work is enjoyable except when the contractors or engineers try to tell you how and when to do your work.
    You also have to resist some of them wanting a report with no regard as to the quality of work you do or if you do anything but a pencil balance. You will be hated by some but loved by others.
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