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    Commercial Dishwasher with low water pressure

    Hello - I am posting here for the first time. We had a commercial dishwasher but it never worked properly because of low water pressure. I was told that to increase water pressure we would have to change the pipe from the street which is a substantial cost.

    What are our options if we don't want to change the pipe from the street. Our kitchen is in the Bay Area of California

    Thanks in advance

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    It would help if we knew the make and model of your dishwasher. Also, have you done a pressure test? Are you sure the lack of pressure is your problem and not volume? Is there a pressure regulator inline before the dishwasher? What size pipe do you have coming into your dishwasher? Does the incoming water line go through a water softener first? These are a few of the things that can reduce your pressure.

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