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    Quote Originally Posted by paklein View Post
    I have no idea where your market is since you have chosen to hide your location, but in a large city like Atlanta it's completely worthless.....and now days most people go straight to the internet to find what they are looking for.

    That SEO crap is worthless too......almost as worthless as the BBB. People skip those ads because they know that those companies PAID to be placed first, and the cost is ridiculous. you'd be better of with Home Advisor or Angie's List.
    Being in the Atlanta market... I tend to agree...
    YP are worthless...
    Folks use the internet.

    However lots of folks in Atlanta are loyal, as soon as they decide they trust you...
    So be absolutely sure you take care of folks...
    Even if you have to say: Thank you for asking XXXX company (me) to help... this is not something I can do for you, for XXXX reason, however if there is any way we can help you in the future, please let us know!
    I have had folks come back to me a year or so later... just because they were thankful I was honest with them!

    Take care of your customers... and they will spread you around!
    It really is as simple as that!

    Your comfort, Your way, Everyday!

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    Have to advise against Home Advisor and Angie's list, as you pay for their leads even if you do not get the jobs, a good Facebook page and even a website is a better way to go, ask for referrals from your customers and post them on your website and Facebook page, the exposure will bring in more business, one other thing I did was to buy fridge magnets, the customers will advertise it on their fridge and their neighbors and friends will see it and you will start to get more calls especially if your customers were happy with your service, word of mouth is the best advertising and a small fridge magnet will help to remind people of your company and your service, that was how I grew my business!!!!

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    I think that you meet a some kind of new world. In this world you must cross from specialist to all-in-one manager.
    First of all its your people, for whom you can delegate most important part that you do it now.
    Effective management, marketing and ability to check the quality of working by your people.

    To start something new, you must you have to give up something, but that takes courage.

    If i answered for your question in few points. i w'll do next.

    1. Find a people who can do your work (which takes away from you all the time)
    2. Find more customers (use search engines, social networks, recommendations of your customers, local directories, craig list... e.t.c.)
    3. Find a people who can quality checking a complete your orders
    4. Find a tool that can help you manage it
    5. Decide all formal questions

    Delegate all of your time consuming tasks
    Create a brand that you can trust
    Looking for good executors

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    Quote Originally Posted by sparky05 View Post
    Have to advise against Home Advisor

    Just to add, the issue with lead sellers like HA is the leads are not exclusive. You have to be quick (and first) to dial, because it's a race to contact once the lead comes in.

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    Good luck with your start up!

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    Started my business in the last year and to be honest my biggest issue is good help. I live in a relatively small area and pay an excellent salary but the good techs are with the established companies that offer 401k etc which I'm just not ready to do.

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