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Supply Air Temperature (SAT) setpoint reset: to save energy, some buildings have a setpoint reset program. When the space is satisfied (few or no cool requests) it will raise the setpoint for supply air from 55 degrees to something like 60 or 62.

Variable Function SAT reset: You have the option (check out the dropdown menu underneath SAT Setpoint Reset) to use cooling requests to control the reset, or other things like outside air temperature.

PID loop is a piece of calculus that is used to control outputs based on an input and a setpoint. If I have a room that is 73 degrees, and I want it to be 70, a PID loop will dynamically adjust an output like a chilled water valve or a VFD for a supply fan, or a damper actuator, to try to get the input (room temperature) to equal the setpoint. If you are at this stage in your controls journey, I don't recommend you mess with it just yet. If you want to know more, the help docs for WebCTRL are actually pretty great. Open it up and search for the PID info page and it will give you a rundown of each element in the block.
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I appreciate the detailed explanation. I will be looking into everything you mentioned here. Thanks for your help!