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Thread: No Veto bag for me

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    Quote Originally Posted by pacnw View Post
    I have had multiple zipper failures on Veto bags!!!

    First few were under warranty and utilized the bag exchange portion of the warranty.

    Now have a zipper failure on an MC, IIRC. No place in town has any idea how to replace the zipper. The warranty repair facility for Veto is in Florida, so shipping to and from plus the repair cost(which I can't seem to get a firm price on).
    Ive had my Veto pro Tech Pack for 3 seasons now, dont baby it in fact many times ive stressed the zipper hard but not unzippig and pulling it open when in a hurry, its overstuffed and very heavy.. not one issue at all,.

    I was weary about buying it after hearing all the zipper issues and warranty feedback VS $$cost on this and say a Klein backpack which i used before it.. this is a great bag and worth the money..its protecting 3k$$$ with pf tools and i like its rigidity etc

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    I have a Hilmor 1839079. It is a little on the heavy side, but quite durable. Solid bottom and no matter how bad I treat it, never a tear or problem with zipper. It carries just about everything I need on most calls. Had it about 5 years now with no issues.
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