I had a new home built and the builder installed a Lennox CBA27UHE-042. I'm in central Florida. The system is a heatpump with heating strips. The installer did a checkup on the system and said he was going to increase the blower speed. As soon as he did that the humidity levels in the house became unbearable. I called them back to have them come back out and they said it was normal.

By what I've read, the higher blower speed isn't slow enough for better humidity control. I'm looking to slow it down one level.

All that being said, I've looked at the Y2 connector and it appears it has a brown wire connected. By what I can tell, that is called tap 5, which is the highest fan speed. Lennox recommends tap 5, but I can't figure out what color of wire that one is supposed to be.

Any help appreciated.