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    Looks like someone has some 'splainin to do...

    And here we go again...
    The left had ALL these claims... and the media screamed them from every platform they could find... day in and day out... 24/7... for over 2 years...
    They even held off with their 'report' until after the election, to carry on the charade, hoping it would result in more damage to their opponents.
    (Note most of the lefties that got elected... there is considerable question of election fraud in those races).

    Back on subject...
    All that hollering...
    Is about to be proven to be nothing more than intentional BS!!!

    You lefties are gonna have SOOOOO much egg on your faces...
    If you had any shame at all, you would not show your faces again at ARP!


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    Russian disinformation teams targeted Robert S. Mueller III, says report prepared for Senate
    December 17, 2018
    Months after President Trump took office, Russia’s disinformation teams trained their sights on a new target: special counsel Robert S. Mueller III. Having worked to help get Trump into the White House, they now worked to neutralize the biggest threat to his staying there.

    The Russian operatives unloaded on Mueller through fake accounts on Facebook, Twitter and beyond, falsely claiming that the former FBI director was corrupt and that the allegations of Russian interference in the 2016 election were crackpot conspiracies.

    E.J. Dionne Jr.: Mueller report is beginning, not the end
    Apr 22, 2019
    The report from special counsel Robert Mueller provides a devastating portrait of President Trump’s behavior that may invite the beginning of an impeachment inquiry and a constitutional confrontation.

    A collision of some kind between the president (along with his attorney general) and Democrats who control the House of Representatives is inevitable.

    The report’s bottom line is easily lost in the details about Trump himself: that the United States has a president whom Russia actively intervened in our politics to elect. The Russian-controlled Internet Research Agency, Mueller’s report concluded, created “a targeted operation that by early 2016 favored candidate Trump and disparaged candidate (Hillary) Clinton.”

    What a bunch of horse hockey.

    Mueller’s Big Lie About Russian Interference

    DOJ Attorney Says Russian Government Had Nothing To Do With Troll Farms

    Did Mueller’s May press conference save his Russian ‘troll factory’ case from a contempt charge against DOJ?
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