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    Just Asking

    A question of sorts. Nike. The story of the football player Kaepernick's objection to the revolutionary period Ross flag on
    Nike's shoes brings up my question. Culture wars.
    Today needs any reason to fan the flames of what has become "Intolerance for the he!! of it." AKA Hoffman misquote.

    Mohammad Ali had a similar dilemma. He felt his birth name represented a "slave name". He elected to drop Cassius Clay
    and pick one without that particular history. Maybe some of us might do the same.
    But if Kaepernick has such strong objections to the American National Anthem and Nike shoes why doesn't he have the same objection to his name like Ali did?
    After all Kaepernick must be a slave name or if not it a slave name a given name from a white heritage it sure isn't African. Based on his acknowledged sensitivity I might think he'd change it anyway.
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    I think Kappie just likes attention... simple as that.
    And I wonder to myself why the MSM gives attention to a spoiled child like him???
    Wonder if maybe we should be figuring out the agenda behind the decision to make the Kappie story headline news...

    And since he is washed out from PRO sports...
    He is looking for something to do.

    Saw a video the other day...
    Of Alveda King (relative of Martin Luther King Jr, the civil rights guy)...
    She questioned whether Kaper knew what he was talking about...
    With good reason!

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    He's probably more white than black.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Space Racer View Post
    He's probably more white than black.
    White mother, black father, adopted and raised by upper class white parents.

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