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    Quote Originally Posted by gustavhorna View Post
    in EU charging an electric car is about 2-3x cheaper than filling up a normal car with gas. This is due to the high taxes on gas. However do you think it will stay that way? Once there are enough electric cars government will realize that their revenue from gasoline tax is plummeting down and they will introduce electricity tax used in EV. That's 100% sure.

    So you cannot win. When you buy a beneficial technology they will make a law to tax you anyway.

    And we get screwed everytime! Do the wrong thing, taxed for it. Do the right thing, taxes for it.

    Western civilization is taxing ourselves out of existence. On a global scale, our green tech innovation is being taxed out of incentive.... And our cheap energy is being taxed to the point of unaffordable.

    Meanwhile, chineese and indians are running around on 2 stroke engines, polluting the planet with them and building more nuclear bombs. I fear this will not end well buddy.
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    Quote Originally Posted by vin lashon View Post
    Your comments seem to assume points I haven't made.

    I assume the science you're referring to is Evolution that claims to be the origin of Life and matter?

    Questions about our origins are asked to those that hold the secrets. There are science secrets and metaphysical secrets. It would be a mistake to compare them or use one against the other.
    Back in history people went to the high priests of what ever religious order they submitted to learn answers. Usually ended up with more questions.
    Metaphysics is not provable. No way to test faith like a science experiment. That doesn't mean it's invalid.
    I don't think science can prove the existence of God and I don't believe religion can either. The elusive nature of God is I believe, intentional.
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    This is not looking good at all.... northern hemisphere will have its climate badly changed

    A region of the North Atlantic south of Greenland has experienced some of its coldest temperatures on record in recent years, a cooling unprecedented in the past thousand years. What explains that anomaly?

    Climatologist Michael Mann of Penn State University, in this month’s “This is Not Cool” video, explains that this phenomenon may be an indication that the North Atlantic current, part of a larger global ocean circulation, is slowing down.

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    Don't worry Gus, Bernie's got this:

    My favourite part was about 'President Bern' declaring a National Emergency on CC. That's gonna be a sh!t show.

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