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    Lennox Service Availability

    Does anyone have any insight into the wisdom of looking for a smaller shop for repair and maintenance of a high-end less-common residential AC unit?

    I have a Lennox 5 ton, dual speed, highest efficiency unit at home in South Florida. Four years old. Had the coils replaced at 20 months due to freon loss, and it's showing symptoms of another leak.

    All service has always been done by the Lennox dealer that installed the unit, the kind with a fleet of trucks. Overall, the service is poorly managed, as reflected in very low social media reports compared to other firms in the area. Most of what I read there rings very true to my own experience, and yes I realize these things can be manipulated.

    Interesting to me is that ALL of our area official Lennox dealers have bottom of the rung ratings, perhaps reflecting a captive customer base. I can probably continue with this dealer, but there is one screw up after another, and it's like dealing with the DMV.

    So I decided to try to find some smaller operators going forward, but in calling around, few of the highly rated maintenance companies will service Lennox. This will definitely influence my purchase decision *next time*

    Does anyone have any insight into the wisdom of looking for a smaller shop for repair and maintenance of a high-end less-common unit?


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    Quote Originally Posted by MikeBW View Post
    and it's like dealing with the DMV.
    ROFL. That is bad.

    No problem using a smaller company. They could be far better, or not as good as the large companies.
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    sounds like ______ you are definitely BETWEEN A ROCK & " A SOUTH FL " Place.

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    this is why I say the installing contractor is more important then the name on the BOXS!

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    Benefit to using a Lennox dealer is access to parts and warranty.

    A non Lennox dealer will be at a disadvantage on a few levels compared to a Lennox dealer. This is just something to be aware of, not a no answer.

    Getting a second opinion never hurts, maybe the wallet initially. Find someone that you feel comfortable with, no matter their brand affiliation. Most of us work on any brand, we just have an association with a particular brand for various reasons.
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