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    input for Ice machine water filtration for resurrected Cornelius

    Hey Guys,
    I was helping out a buddy who acquired a non working Cornelius XAC1030 240v, Bringing her back to life wasn't all that bad.... LOL...

    Just less than Ideal conditions Id say... My nearest water source was 85' away from his house to my buddies 25x35 shop.. You'll be surprised at how a 100' water hose in 94 degree temps actually does the job... lol

    After a charge , some rewiring along with hunting down a dump valve for it and a lil tweaking, Shes producing really well for now..

    I need to set him up with a rather inexpensive water filter for it. Years ago I started off in commercial / casino field in Vegas but haven't been on the restaurant side in a while..

    water source : Well water

    He's basically using the machine for bulk Ice for his construction crews to save on buying ice daily..

    Any advice would be greatly be appreciated

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    Can’t say without a water analysis.

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