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    scotsman cm500AE-1E-old air cooled

    had this unit running for years at my buddies fish house. moved it and now......when i plug it in it just chatters. tried holding in contactor. after several attempts it started once and my gauges started to go where they needed to be, then it cut out. next time didn't start, was drawing 30 amps. makes me think potential relay not dropping out start cap. unit had sat idle for several years.
    next my admissions- i've been retired for a LONG time and have forgotten a lot. plus i was 98 percent heat & air. the 2 percent refrig was manitowac. is there somewhere to buy old scotsman parts? i can't believe a damn potential relay now costs nearly 100 bucks!!!!! which is obviously why i'm not ordering one yet.

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    If you don't like the price of the relay I cant wait until you see the price on a compressor.

    You've given us nothing to work with...…….Gauges went where they needed to be what does that mean?

    No difference troubleshooting A/C or Refrigeration compressors!

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