I have a Vannee Silver 90h-v ERV. I currently run it with the Gold controls, I'm looking for basic intergration with my smart home.

What I want to do is normally run the unit using the controls. but be able to "turn the unit" off when I have my thermostat on vacation mode.

I see two options: (other then manually switching the controls...)

1) Kill power to the unit
2) Intercpet the run command from the controlls and block.

1) I can do this, but will the Controls loose programing if the whole unit is not powered for a week or so? Is it bad to just "unplug" the unit on a semi-regular basis?

2) From what I can reverse Engineer from the manual: B: Common Connection, G = high and low speed fan, Y = Recirculate, R = Data? I'm totally guessing on the R as Data. any thoughts what happens if I block the Green wire from getting back to the unit? If it kills power to the Controls, this has no benifit to 1, really.

I have a Ecobee, but I want High and low speed fan control, which it can not do, plus I run my humidifer off the aux controls on the Ecobee.

Thoughts. Yes, this is dumb and overkill... If anyone has played with the controlls logic for the Vanee unit, let me know. Otherwise I'll get out my multimeter, and try not to break my new ERV... lol.