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    Question Spokane/Couer d Alene area job availability

    What is the job market like in this area?
    This area seems to be growing and it may be of interest to move there.

    I'm not interested in a salestech position, but a service/repair technician for residential and light commercial HVAC.

    Any companies to look into or avoid?
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    I live around 100 miles out of Spokane, and am really only familiar with the commercial contractors there. Divco for commercial HVAC, Market Equip for market work. I saw Trane had a service tech position available. My shop does resi/comm/market work based out of Lewiston. If you're also considering outlying areas feel free to PM me.

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    Might call Black's Industrial or GENSCO in Spokane and ask about job posting on their boards.Ruud and AS Wholesalers..

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