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Somehow I think you're under the impression I'm trying to rig something up or do something cheap. I reached out to this forum because I had hoped to come across some professional willing to offer some direction on this project. I thought the person that installed this for me had the knowledge to install this and could be assured of it's reliability but I see that there was an oversight. I see convenience stores all the time with small units outside presumably cooling units on the inside for various purposes. If anyone has knowledge as to how this should work please let me know.

I fulled expect to spend some money getting this done but a reliable solution will keep me from having to oversize the AC in the store and will save me money on electricity for years to come. Whatever the cost now I'm sure I'll get it back in electricity savings at some point.
There are any # of Online Dot Com's that will sell you anything you need, and living in Texas even more hacks willing to take your $'s and claim they know what there doing. Going that route never ends well.

Legitimate refrigeration contractor is all you need to know. They'll decide what's needed and how to do it!

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