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Thread: DX AHU sizing

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    DX AHU sizing

    When you start from Psychrometric chart with:
    1. Room thermal load, Sensible and Latent
    2. SHR
    3. Condition of ambient air
    4. Desired Room condition
    5. Fresh air and Return air ratio

    You can calculate the Refrigeration load in the coil in terma of TR or kW, in whatever f.
    orm you want.

    That is demand side.

    Now, in the supply side, what happens if you increase the high TR machine (Coil capacity larger than theoretically required).

    I assume, the temperature of air leaving coil decreases by some amount depending on the capacity of the coil (other things remaining same) Is that right? what happens to the Room Sensible Heat Ratio Line.

    Please help

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    Waiting for replies.

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