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    If you have to move to Tucson,just go!!!I'm sure you will find a job.It stays hot there 9 months out of the year.Might make less money, cost of living is less.Just get a job there,Later you can find a better one.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gleng View Post
    I live and work in Atlanta,Ga. I went out to visit some friends in Tucson last christmas for 2 weeks.After seeing the scenery,Saguro National park and the desert Museum,both nice places,I was bored to death.The weather was nice(it was winter)50 in the morning 75 in the afternoon. I dont want to be there in the summer!!!Too hot.But hot is good to make money as an HVAC tech.Just saying ,nice place to visit.don't know about living and working there.I guess if you are busy working it doesn't matter,If you want to see a concert ,ball game, its off to Phoenix.I don't think it has what Southern California has.But,maybe you are at a point where you want a quiet place.Any way , good luck with what ever you decide to do.For me ,I grew up around New Jersey and New York.Atlanta is busy enough.
    I was gonna say too. Coming from Socal, you'll be bored AF out there.
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    I have a house for sale there if you are looking for one.


    Quote Originally Posted by Lightning_Boy View Post
    Currently a 1st yr journeyman out of Local 250.
    Left A/c 8 months ago and went to the dark side (refrigeration).

    Fairly happy with current situation, boss treats me well, make plenty OT and work 5-25 min from home everyday.

    Wife dropped a bomb the other week. She’s thinking on moving to Tucson AZ to be part of her niece’s life and 6 month old nephew.

    There’s a lot more to the story but for now I’m just looking to see what job market is like.

    Any input welcome.

    Thanks !
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