Ive had a Hilmor quick engage flare tool for a short while now barely used it 10 times and is like new condition. it recently stopped working yesterday and after calling Hilmor to find out if it was warranteed they tell me it has a "known" defect from the manufacturer that allows the threads to strip in the tool as your flaring causing a poor flare. As it was not "known" to me the consumer otherwise i would of gotten rid of it and bought something reputable. The worst part is they want to replace it with the same tool that Hilmor says they cant guarantee will work properly or for how long because they have not fixed the problem at the manufacturer level. Just an FYI to stay away from HILMOR JUNK. If you cant even make a simple flare tool that works right id hate to see the rest of the hilmor tool junk lineup you sell.Quick way to go out of business is too have a tool bag full of Hilmor tools. If repairing everyone else's HVAC equipment wasnt enough work in a day for you, now you can work on your hilmor tools after work to try and make them work correctly.