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    Creating Duct System For Window Unit

    Hello everyone!

    Homeowner and DIY type here coming to these forums with only one really pressing question. I have no previous or current experience in HVAC, so please go easy on me

    I have been renovating a section of our garage now to use as a home office. The portion I am renovating is a roughly 150 sq. ft space that is currently housing a 5k BTU Danby unit. I understand that the unit is already not properly rated for the square footage, but the unit is new and we got it at a steal and quite frankly it's been more than suitable for the space. But because of my line of work, I require the space I'm in to be sound proofed to a degree and this thing is just too loud for the space. So I've been looking into cost effective alternatives to sound proofing the AC unit itself and that has turned up no results that would be effective in such a small space. So the conclusion I've come to is that I will to move the AC to a separate facility and create a duct system that will flow into the office!

    The previous home owners clearly had the same idea and had actually installed a boot on the outside and inside of the office portion of the garage. To expand more on the garage situation, the portion of the garage that the office is being manufactured in is attached to another larger garage. This portion of the garage is not temperature controlled unlike the office portion and (though I haven't measured the exact square footage) is probably around 400 sq. ft. The two portions of the garage are only separated by a thin wall and a door. The larger non-office portion of the garage is connected to another larger garage portion (also roughly 400 sq. ft) which is where the AC unit would be theoretically held. Yes there is a window in the garage and an awning to protect the unit but the window is about 20-22 ft away from the boot on the outside of the office. The radius of the boot is 2.5" on the outside and inside of the office, so I was hoping to run a duct from the window to the office.

    I was drawn to this idea because of a video in which a man had done the same idea by cutting a boot to fit the window unit he had then running a short duct over his bed. I would link it but I can't so if anyone wants to see it, I can hopefully reply with it in the comments. However I'm afraid that my unit will not be nearly powerful enough to push air that kind of distance despite how small the duct tubing would be. Another concern is that the boot they installed is close to the ground, so I would have to install another boot that would push the air up at either 45 to 90 degrees. So is there any hope for me? Assuming this WOULD work, I have some other smaller questions:

    - Could I create another duct travel into the larger non-office garage portion that won't be hosting the AC unit?
    - Would it better to install the duct straight to the boot or would it better to hug the wall? The wall that leads to the outside boot has several right angles and I understand that this can cause some conflicting currents.

    I hope I don't sound too dumb and I look forward to everyone's replies! Thanks so much!

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    That's what most of my findings led me to believe, but there are a couple instances like this that say otherwise. Is something like this just unsafe?
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    Not really unsafe, just not going to work.
    Choose the appropriate equipment for your application.
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