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    The shipping weight is 18 Lb for the 1.5-2 ton CAUF and 30 lb for the 3 ton CAUF, so there's more surface area with the 3 ton, with that extra height. I do not know this for a fact but other things that would show the weight difference is possibly the 1.5-2 ton has two row wide coils vs 3 row wide coils on the 3 ton for the similar width and length, so basically a thicker coil? I think the pictures they show may just be generic?

    Granted the bigger box with the 3 ton coil offsets some.

    Ask the bidding Contractor, if they do not know they can call Goodman distributer or Technical Rep. to get you your answer.

    BTW the AHRI number given you with the 14 SEER GSX14 was rated at 2.5-3 ton CAUF3137 not the 3636
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    Quote Originally Posted by chrisoffice View Post
    So I am replacing an old HVAC system in a condo. Got quotes from two contractors so far. Both quoted 2 ton condenser (same size as the one that will be replaced), one guy quoted a 1.5-2 ton A-coil, while the other guy quoted a 3 ton A-coil.

    What are the factors the determine the A-coil size?

    Should the A-coil size match exactly the condenser unit size?
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