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    Will sulfur containing water harm geothermal heat pump system?

    We have two wells on our property. One is a ground water well that may not provide the necessary volume required for heat transfer. It's a big old brick well 30" x 36' but right now isn't providing even 5 gpm.
    We also have a deeper well that if it still works could probably produce the necessary volume of water to the system but has a lot of sulfur in it. Don't know the ph but could find out before using. Right now I'm just trying to find out if this deeper well would be appropriate for geothermal assuming it produced a sufficient volume of water.

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    Typically heat pump manufactures post a water quality chart that indicates what parameters the water should be in. It would require you to have your water tested though.

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    I'd Use a Closed Loop , Not an Open Loop - fill the Brick Well with Water from other well Only During Hot Spells , or run it just enough to maintain Higher Level in that
    36 ft deep well ( Only Needed ) Very Hot Spells . Set Your Pipe for all the ( Loops Required ) and fill it with Sand , so During Really Hot Summer - Flow some Water down into Sand ~ Well water might be 55-66 Degrees or Cooler depending on where it's coming from .. ~ Just to Kick Up Eff% ~

    Just saying as If your in Texas , Top 6 ft of Sand get pretty warm .

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