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    Transit label still on unit

    Recently I purchased a commercial building with four package units like this one behind it. One unit still has this transit label on it and has probably been running that way for two or three years.

    Am I correct in assuming that this opening provides combustion air to the unit? If so, could harm be done to the unit running it like this? Is it capable of heating at all?Name:  combustion hood.jpg
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    Well that needs attention. Also, the gas piping is blocking the access doors.
    I'd have a reputable tech come in and check out everything. With work like we seeing here, there's a lot else that may be wrong.

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    Love the accessibility.
    So much for 3’. Where’s the safety rails?

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    Nothing about that is done right.
    Gas pipe needs redone.
    Hoods are missing.
    Sticker blocking combustion air.
    I’m gonna bet it was never commissioned.
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    A complete inspection and a configuration correction for safe and easy access are in order, as mentioned.
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