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    Quote Originally Posted by Lahrs View Post
    New construction, on site electrician's do the power and sometimes also run the tstat wire. But we'll end to end it, R G Y W seems too much for a construction sparky to figure out.
    No joke. I've had numerous calls where I've had to go back and replace a fuse because an electrician zapped the low voltage. Give them a few thousand volts to play with and they're fine but give them 24v and they're lost.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BNME8EZ View Post
    Gentlemen, gentlemen, where is your pride.

    We are suppose to be HVAC professionals where even the screws we use are put in at a precise 90° angle to the metal, we use N2 while brazing and evacuate to negative microns (going below a perfect vacuum), charging the systems with precise instruments calibrated to a perfection only known in heaven, and only when we see Superheat and Subcooling as calculated to the forth decimal do we consider the job complete, not to mention air flow to =/- 1 CFM.

    Isn't that how we come off sometimes, instead of being the humans we are. If it works and your happy with it good job.
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