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    Honeywell th6220 over Trane Tcont602 thermostats..

    Need some advice on how to twist and arm to get a thermostat changed... when my contractor is convinced that it is just fine... here is what I am seeing..
    1. Set temp to 73 while actual thermostat reads 75.
    2. Temp will pull down and reads 73 in a half hour or so.. but continues to run forever..
    3. Only way to stop it is to set temp to 74 and of course it will stop running normally..
    4. Wait till the temp climbs to 74 and it will start up and run for days when it reads 74...will not shut down unless you set it to 75 or above..
    5. Its a geo so not only is that compress or 24x7 killing my electric bill but also runnng my water pump 24x7.. that is a pocket book killer in a month.
    6. after item 4 above as it is stopped I can set it to 72 and in a short while it will pull down to 72 and stay there will not shut down ever unless you tap the set up to 73 then it stops..
    7. My contractor placed a Nicrome wire behind my thermostat on the wall to show me that it is reading correct.. meaning the temp being read on the thermostat matches the temp on the Nicrome temp tester..
    8. I go so what the hell does that tell me that the temp indicator is working.. please give me a break that does not convince me that the other half is working right such as opening the switch to shut off the cool...but so far he has not given up and keeps wasting time meanwhile I have to estimate when the room is cool and move the set to 1 degree above what its is for shutdown.. that is ridiculous....
    9. I am to the point of telling him to bring me a new damn thermostat and if it does not fix the problem i will refund him for the wholesale cost of the thermostat..

    Which brings up another sore point.. when they installed my twin geo systems.. they installed a basic Trane thermostat and I kept complaining that the second stage on neither unit was working.. The kept assuring me that 2nd stage was working... so finally i got pissed and demanded the tech place a meter on the 2nd stage on terminal and set if full bore and show me the meat.. I mean voltage when the second stage kicks in.. and show me the fan speed up as i have a flyer near the vent to show increased airflow from 2nd stage.. OH MY god no voltage.. and now he looks closer and realizes that this thermostat is cheap basic and has no terminals for 2nd stage capability... now they run to the local store hoping i won't notice and get two shiny new Honeywells that just happen to have second state..$ bucks retail... now all is well and I have 2nd stage.... Wouldn't you be pissed in 10 years when you have a fail and the tech says did you know that you have never since install had two stage capability.... WOW! how many others has that happened to...
    Now it gets worse.. I look on my contract and it says my package gets 2 shiny brand new Trane thermostats $ each.. I asked why was i not given a contract mod that I would need to sign to allow you to sub those cheap thermostats.....
    Due to 6,000 other major problems with this install I may demand those new thermostats IAW my originail contract...

    Anyway bottom line is there anyway i could suggest the contractor confirm good or bad thermostats to force them to change them....
    Not sure why the tech did not just go down stairs and swap my downstairs thermostat with the one up stairs and say see I told you it was not bad.. now leave me alone..
    But now that I think of it since the down unit is no longer a trane its a bosch and may be wired slightly different.. they might be afraid to swap the thermostats.....
    But should be ok since not changing the base only the plugin front.... so even if wired slightly different cannot damage the thermostat....
    But anyway now i got you did you end up with a bosch 3 ton down and a trane 2 ton up.(initially had twin tranes) but after install I got to looking real close and realized that the 3 ton trane downstairs was such a monster they had installed it sideways under the stairwell.. and hope no one would notice.. When I addressed it they finally embarrassedly went out and found a Bosch that would fit correctly.... Can you imagine the tech comes to change the old blower motor in a few years... and sez sorry but this will cost you double since I need to remove all trim and bring the unit outside the stairwall so i can change the motor... or lets say we sell the house in a few years and the home inspector notices and says... "Sorry you have to replace this unit its unservicable...
    Now you know why i said i have 6000 other serious problems with this install.. more than 50 pages I have documentd... first i worked with Trane and they gaffed me of... then with BBB and ready to give up on them due to the contractor pays them thier salary.. so they are worthless.. and will be moving to DPOR next... followed by calling someone to fix it all then go to Civil court to collect form this lovely contractor..

    But anyway all that is a different problem.. right now just looking for ideas to force the thermostat change when the contractor says it cannot be the thermostat...
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