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    Indirect off the boiler.. Simple and powerful... Probably cheaper than a big enough tankless to do you justice.

    Ground water temp has been the limiting factor for most tankless installs, at least in MT! Winter, the water can be as cold as 35F.

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    Merged threads to AOP.
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    I have a tankless (of course i have the luxury of installing and servicing it myself) but i would not suggest one to a family member unless they had a specific need for one (high water usage such as a large jacuzzi tub, a very small usage such as a 1 bedroom seasonal cottage or if there is no space for one). There will be little energy savings in the grand scheme of things. Sure it may save you a hundred or 2 hundred bucks a year for a small family but that is lost in the additional maintenance that will likely be needed. Sometimes they cost you MORE to operate. With a standard tank, if mom, dad and several kids are in the home then showers are short so that everyone can have a hot shower. When it is endless people tend to take much larger showers and the gas meter is spinning at warp speed the whole time. If your worried about resale value, put the additiinalmoney you would spend on it into granite countertops or fancy floors. They sell homes not water heaters

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    DEPENDS on ones use and the utility services available

    ____ CONVENTIONAL HWT 40 or 50 gallons
    with two 4500 Watt elements
    for my quite limited use.

    12 year tank life versus ? _#_ year tankless life
    Maintenance $$$ for Tank versus tankless?

    ______ $ 450 vs ~ $3,000 ?
    ____ Tank by me vs others for tankless

    Natural Gas availability?
    I don't have Natural Gas
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    I have been installing tankless for 30 years... they are very reliable, extremely efficient, and take up very little space.
    They do NOT lower your water bill, unless you are out of the house a lot.
    Best use is if they are set at 110F, and zero cold is used when showering , most issues people have with them boils down to trying to set them to tank temps, and throttling with cold at the faucet... bad plan.
    If ALL gas runs to heat, then you chill it down to comfortable temps, you are defeating the efficiency.
    The TRUE highest cost system is the system not installed properly...

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    Tankless require a LOT of gas. Typically a 2 psi system. If you don't use a 2 psi system, you'll need a very large diameter, expensive gas line to serve that flame thrower. They can bottom out the house gas pressure causing standing pilots, such as on gas fireplaces to drop out.
    Tankless requires annual flushing. Sooner with poor water quality. Get a Field Controls Clearwave water conditioner upstream
    Tankless parts are not readily available at most supply houses. You could experience a significant down time if the board goes
    Tankless should not be installed by someone not familiar with them.
    If you screw up the venting you can die, just as recently in Ohio.
    If you need hot water for anything other than a shower, someone's getting cold

    Indirect much safer
    Uses boiler so no expensive gas piping
    Still should be flushed annually and check anode rod but not as extensive or time consuming service and more tolerant of some calcification
    Anyone competent to install a boiler should be able to install an indirect
    No venting.
    Boilers typically can easily recover even during multiple users of hot water
    If the power goes out for a brief time you still have a tank full of hot water available

    I haven't found too many people who feel the benefits of a tankless outweigh the negatives but that's just my experience. I rarely find them properly installed, unlike indirects, which are harder to screw up and don't kill you if installed wrong.

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