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    Hmm Type I Pitting in Copper Tubes

    At our facility, we have pre-cooling coils in air handlers. It is well water that flows through these coils. For many years, there were valves in the discharge side of the pipe from each building which kept a slight back pressure on the coils. When these valves were removed due to their malfunctioning, pinholes started showing up in the copper tubing of the coils
    just off the supply header within 2 years of a new coil installation. We proceeded to have the water and the copper tubing where the pinholes were located tested at a Lab. We were told that the pinholes are a result of Type I pitting which apparently means there is excessive oxygen in the water.

    Since then, we are beginning to install control valves on the well water piping as it leaves each building. In addition, we are installing cupro-nickel coils going forward. It has only been about 6 months since this installation. Should the issue of pinholes go away now? Does anyone have experience with Type I pitting in copper tubes? Is the cost of cupro nickel coils, which are almost 3 times the cost of just copper coils worth the price?

    Thank you.

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    Excessive flow rates wear the tubing down.

    Bad move removing the control valve, now the whole system needs to be rebalanced. Hope you have the original specs!

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