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Thread: Disconnect for AC

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    Disconnect for AC

    I recently had issues with the electrical wiring between my AC and the home circuit breaker panel so I had a electrical company come out and fix the problem. They replaced the entire electrical wire from the circuit breaker panel all the way to the outside disconnect box.

    In addition to that, the electrician also replaced the original fuse box type disconnect with a knife type (no fuse type) disconnect box and they mentioned that they do in order to comply with electrical code. I agreed to it and everything seems nice and shiny now but I kept the old fuse box just in case.

    Does this sound right? I'm in San Jose, California (Santa Clara County), and I'm just wondering if anyone is familiar with electrical codes in this area and can tell me if this is a legit code issue? I want to check because if they didn't BS me on this, I might have them back to do a even bigger job that will cost 5 times as much as this work they've done.


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    Sounds correct, you are up to code.

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    Fuses may be required depending on what the data plate on the A/C says, it is rarer then in the past, but still possible.

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