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    Question How to defrost freezer?

    Hi please provide an answer is there any possibilities to defrost the freezer when the button is not working?

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    large hammer and very sharp object to hit with hammer. Be sure to drive the sharp object far enough into the coil to puncture it.

    Once all the gas and oil has stopped spewing from the coil, call a service contractor to troubleshoot and repair the original cause of the problem.

    that response was, of course, sarcastic.....coils can freeze for many reasons. turn the system off and allow it to completely thaw, or use a heat gun to remove all the ice buildup. then troubleshoot the unit to find out why it's freezing to begin with.

    could be a mechanical issue with the unit.

    People could be leaving the door open all the time.

    could have infiltration due to door gasket failure or air leaks in the box.

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    You may want to post this question in the refrigeration forum instead of the chiller forum.

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    Just to place it sunny day on the street and wait doesn't working?

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