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    RheemRA1724AJ2CB Reset

    So I have a condenser that is locked out on low pressure (code 21), anyway went to reset it and was looking in the manual and on one page it says three different things for a reset.......

    Page 34: Test and fault code recall modes

    The UP mode causes the ICC to do the following

    1) Reset the ICC from any active protection lockout mode

    Later it says

    CLEAR FAULT HISTORY (Up and Select Buttons)

    and under that it says Clear FAULT HISTORY by pressing both TEST and SELECT buttons while fault is displayed for 5 seconds...........

    Now I always thought it was the second one up and clear for 5 seconds.

    In any case none of them are working........

    What am I missing.......

    The problem was not a pressure problem but that the TXV had 2 wires inverted, which I corrected, I thought it might have damaged the TXV control board so I swapped it with another one, But I cant reset the code.

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    It may not reset if the fault still exists.

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