I am working on a walk in freezer unit, trying to diagnose some issues, and need help.

This is a big walk in with 2 exact same condensing units and evap coils. Both take turns cycling on and off.

Box temp -3

Watercooled condensing units
Copeland ZF18k4-TFD liquid injected.

Unit A
HP-242psi (LL- 103deg)
LP 17psi (SL- 12deg)
Condenser SH 30deg
Amp draw 7.1
Discharge temp 165

Unit B
HP 268psi (LL- 99deg)
LP 17 psi (SL- 13deg)
Condenser SH 31deg
Amp draw 9.5
Discharge temp 201

Why the higher discharge temp/pressure/amp draw? Where am I getting subcooling from?
What am I missing here?
According to Copeland with those numbers it should only draw 7.3 amps.
Figured liquid line restriction, changed filter, nothing changed. Both have solid liquid in sightglass with no bubbles.

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