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    Hi members..i have a screw water chiller which after running for about 1 hour trips and the display indicates an overload,,i have changed the filter core,checked water connections,checked the expansion valves and solenoids but its not improving,,what could be the problem..Thanks in advance

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    could you be any more vague? Maybe share with us the color of this screw chiller, we can figure out the rest from there.
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    I see this is your first post, so welcome. Your name and time you posted makes me think you are not with the USA. Your profile says you are an HVAC Tech.

    So let me get this correct. The machine tripped on "Overload" did you have to reset the power supply. With the information you provide get a good anwer will be difficult.

    Site rules about troubleshooting in the open forum and for do-it-yourselfers makes our responses very limtied, Read the site rules and get 14 more posts and you can apply for pro status. You will find people to help. This may not anwer your immediate problem, sorry

    Welcome and good luck

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