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    Costco Winix cr535 for $99 to be used in the bedroom is that a good filter?

    I am looking for a sub $300 room filter.

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    The best one I know of (<$300) is the Coway Mighty and it's on sale at Amazon. Normally ~$220 now <$180.
    Winix makes good stuff but testing shows the Coway is (a little) better. See review at WireCutter -
    The review at Wirecutter is the most extensive I know of using objective data.

    But -
    1. These devices are only for particulates (particles >~.01 microns). They don't do squat for VOCs
    2. Merv 10+ filters in your return air work almost a good.
    3. The good portion of particluates fall to the floor. They don't get into the air until they are stirred up. Vacuum often.

    Still these HEPA devices do a fantastic job. I have a Dylos laser particle counter and have verified. Your Winix is probably doing a good job.

    Good Luck

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    Whirlpool Whispure 510. No bells and whistles just a cheap carbon prefilter and a HEPA filter. It's been running 24/7 in my house for about 5 years.

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