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    honeywell xl800 A/I module throwing trouble code

    The service led is blinking 4 times and pausing then blinks 4 times again.

    The error code states

    Sensor failure of Analog Input Module
    (in case of LONWORKS Bus I/O modules, this
    behavior can occur only if the appropriate NV
    has been bound)

    I completely removed every wire on this module and just had it going from the CPU to the module using the factory jumpers and it still continues to do it. I replaced the module with another one and that module works on another base. I put a known working one on the bad base and it's doing the blinking.

    I removed my wires and tested each individual damper motor feed back and it is showing the correct voltage. But when I see it through my tech care software and the wires in it stops at 23 % feedback.
    Any ideas?

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    Inputs outputs?

    Maybe troubleshoot and not blindly change parts!

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