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    Shortridge or Alnor Manometer?

    The boss asked if I think we could use a Shortridge Hydrodata HDM-250 Electronic Pressure Gage to which my answer would be heck yeah! Currently we are using a gauge that cost about three hundred, a TPI 665L, and it is just ok. My question is, how does the Shortridge compare to an Alnor HM675 or HM685? Do you prefer one over the other or is there a strong reason not to get one or the other? Thanks

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    Hi fxb80,
    I think the Shortridge is a better instrument. We have the older brothers to the 675 and 685, we have the HM 670 and the HM 680. The problem with the two we have is the tiny tubes which carries the fluid to the pressure transducers, they clog up easily. Maybe the new model has been corrected for that problem. Other than the one problem I mentioned, they have served us well in the years we have had them.
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