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    Delfield Heated Serving Counter SH-5-NU-ESP

    We had two serving lines replaced in July 2015 with Delfield modules. One of the modules, a heated serving counter with five heated food warmers (hot wells), came with (against my better judgement) low wattage heat pads. The salesman convinced my boss that these were the best things since sliced bread. Of course, all my other hot wells have conventional calrod heating elements. Anyway, one of the wells wasn't heating. It turns out the element is "open". For some reason, these elements don't have a limit. I called Welbilt Kitchen Care and, sure enough, the whole well needs to be replaced. Heritage has them for $862. I hope this isn't a sign of things to come because there are 9 more of them between the two serving lines and they all have built in drains. Ugh!

    Here's what they look like:
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    I’m surprised they didn’t have you pull the blanket heater off and replace it. Put a Union on the drain for the next time you have to replace it lol.

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