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    This sounds like formaldehyde to me, or alternatively coatings and glues. If your mucosal membrane in nose gets scabby - almost always formaldehyde. Try the cheaper home air check randy mentioned for VOC levels (run both the air and the dust particle one) - focusing on VOC and formaldehyde. Test after keeping doors/windows closed tight for minimum of 24 hours and when occupancy is lower (our lungs are really good at cleaning the air). I find the specifics of the test are hard to pin down, but the VOC numbers are close to the very expensive spectroscopy tests.
    My brand new build was a disaster - really wish ewg would stop focusing on mascara and start looking at building products. The paint was the primary culprit - it never cured properly. But there were so many other issues. The mirror mastic that was used in my bathroom gave me a headache for 6 months before it stopped offgassing. Smelled like a fake pine tree. I digress....
    The good news is if it is wood and coatings, you can just start coating things with AFM safecoat/acrylaq/etc and will def get offgassing under control. That and make sure you ventilate! I like IQAir more than Austin for air purifiers, if you decide to go that route as well.
    Good luck and let me know how everything goes!!!

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    HEPA filters do nothing for VOCs. Fresh air change purges them.
    A fresh air change in 4-5 hours when occupied is minimum.
    Very sensitive occupants may need a fresh air change in 3 hours.
    Keep us posted about summer problems. <50%RH is also important.
    Regards Teddy Bear
    Bear Rules: Keep our home <50% RH summer, controls mites/mold and very comfortable.
    Provide 60-100 cfm of fresh air when occupied to purge indoor pollutants and keep window dry during cold weather. T-stat setup/setback +8 hrs. saves energy
    Use +Merv 10 air filter. -Don't forget the "Golden Rule"

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