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    Moving to West Coast of Florida - Recommendations Please

    I have planning on making a permanent move to Florida by the middle of April. I already have a home in the Trinity area just north of Tampa. Many years experience from residential and commercial/industrial, controls programmer, management, most recently, technical trainer and mentor. I have seen several companies in the general area and would like your thoughts. Concerns is great atmosphere and company's reputation in the industry.

    Posted in the looking for jobs but need options for the techs working in the area.

    Bay Area Air
    Stay Cool Air
    Millian Aire
    Cool Today (Sarasota) but owns Alert Cool Today

    Thanks for your opinions

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    Johnson Controls is looking for an HVAC Service Mechanic (Serviceman) Union. Serviceman means you would be Light Commercial, typically 80% of Jm wage. Union means just that.

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