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    Aquarium Chiller Questions - Update

    In regards to the thread that everyone helped me out with back in 2013 that Admin won't reopen -

    I'd like to report that the chiller is still running perfectly. The heat load has changed a bit in the tank, there's a new larger mag drive pump, larger wattage halide bulbs, and a different pump for the skimmer.

    The run time has increased about 5 minutes in the summer time. The house temperature hasnt changed in all these years. My Pop keeps it at a steady 72 degrees. Wintertime operation is a difference of seconds. He's pretty anal about logging everything in the room with his tanks. The room itself is a corner room and mostly glass for walls (Holland, NY area).

    Thanks again for the help. We both appreciate it. (and it was one of my first really big things I had no experience with.)

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