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Thread: Danfoss VFD

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    Danfoss VFD

    York make up air
    Model : Z34M5IANEH0001A
    Serial: N1N3319796

    System disconnect off on arrival,start up 3 of the compressors turn on and ODF kicks on but no blower, check in and see the VFD screen is blank. Do a reset and LCD screen is back, still no blower and getting alarm 7 - dc overvoltage , I followed the few troubleshooting tips I could from the manul, not sure what connecting a brake resistor would do? , just wondering if anyone has seen this or are familiar with VFD's. Going back tomorrow and calling Tech support but, just want to see if I can't get some info before hand , thanks!

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    Have you don a serch for a danfoss service manual?

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    Not sure which model you have, but out of my Trane TR200 manual (equal to VLT-6000 I believe), it says...
    "If the intermediate circuit voltage exceeds the limit, the frequency converter trips after a time.
    Extend the ramp time
    Change the ramp type
    Activate functions in par.2-10 Brake Functions
    Increase par.14-26 Trip Delay at Inverter Fault"

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