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    DavidB, I remembered your statement, and am not trying to win the debate. If you go back and read, I don't even have a clearly defined take on the subject since I think it is both complicated, and not what the country should be focused on. Also, I gave that example as much for those reading as I did for you.

    And yes, Doctors are not always right, they make judgement calls, and go with the percentages. People beat the percentages all the time. But the numbers are on the side of Doctors.

    Ok, you think abortion is murder... but would you think it is "murder" in the case that I described? I guess that is my question. You can say it is justified murder, ok. But how would you define justified abortion/murder when it comes to the law? Point is... morally it is a little complicated, but legally, it is an absolute mess to come up with a system that allows for exceptions in cases like I mentioned.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DavidDeBord View Post
    I hope that "Short Term Memory Retention" is not truly a problem for you Davida, ....

    I stated earlier, in some fashion,... that kind of Situation, is between the woman, her immediate family, & YAHWEH.

    And, ... That kind of Situation is rare, & does not have any bearing upon the Original Topic.

    I personally Know two women, where the Doctors Greatly Stressed, in both cases, that the Baby had to be Aborted, ... Otherwise the woman would die.

    Both women kept their Babies, & both women lived without complications.

    Again, ... In a "Theoretical Case" such as what you are pushing for acceptance, ... In My Belief, the State should have No Input.

    But, ... In Your Zeal to Win the Debate, .... You've lost sight of the Topic.

    ABORTION is Murder.

    Furthermore, ..... This Nation, as it "Righteously" speaks of being "Christian" In Name only, ....... Will Reap what it has Sown, on Steroids.

    Hale!!! The Children of Yisrael / The House of Yisrael & The House of Yudah, Per The Scriptures, .... Went about proclaiming their "Righteousness", but didn't Live It, ... Look at what happened to them.
    Your example is not about abortion at all. It is making the choice as to which life is to be saved when only one will survive.
    "No matter how thirsty your imagination, mirages contain no water"

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    Vacuum Technology:
    CRUD = Contamination Resulting in Undesirable Deposits.
    CRAPP = Contamination Resulting in Additional Partial Pressure.

    Change your vacuum pump oil now.

    Test. Testing, 1,2,3.

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    Why is it so easy to Outright Reject the Values, Laws, & Heritage that made America Great?

    Starting with the "Founding Fathers", & working up to the early 60s, .... Would those who laid Our "Foundation as a Nation", .... Zealously Embrace what We have become?

    Or, .... Would they be in the Streets, demanding that We return to what made America, what was at one time, ... The Greatest Nation on Earth?
    Hos 4:6 My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge. Because you have rejected knowledge, I will also reject you, that you may be no priest to me. Because you have forgotten your God’s law, I will also forget your children.

    "You've got to Stand for Something or You'll fall for anything" (A. Tippin)

    Mat_15:24 But he answered, “I wasn’t sent to anyone but the lost sheep of the house of Israel.”

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