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    Niagara 4 dynamic menu bar

    To design a Menu bar for a PX preview for Niagara 4 i have created one template px where the buttons are.
    I want to add multiple sorts of buttons where each button is greyed out or highlighted (2 objects) as seen in the attatched image.

    For connecting this to the main page i would like to attach some dynamic functions for this that when im at certain pages some of these buttons are greyed out and not functionality.
    I belive it is best to use two sets of buttons (2 objects) which i enable/visibility.

    for the main page this menu bar is included with the pxinclude function, but im having problems figuring out how to proceed for the dynamic functions for the buttons through the pxinclude.

    similar if you have a menubar to control wich floor you are on and the floor which are active should have an own color and not bee able to push at.

    Any ideas or help would be nice

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    I’ve never tried to do anything like that, but you could make a px include that has the fully functional menu. Use it on all of your other graphics, and place your second greyed out button image on the appropriate button on each graphic. Might be another way.

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    You could try contacting Alper Uzmezler - the graphic wiz.

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    Quote Originally Posted by roadgear16 View Post
    Use it on all of your other graphics, and place your second greyed out button image on the appropriate button on each graphic.
    I think that this would be your best method, although I am sure that you would want to do it dynamically. I haven't done this in a while, and I am nut sure if N4 has a feature that makes this possible in ways that AX couldn't. I have seen it done dynamically by using a mouse over event to change an enum (although in your case it would be a click to invoke an action). Essentially this enum would be used to hide and show certain menu items. This caused us nothing but issues doing it this way. The first problem was the graphics were high resolution and dynamically rendering them used a lot of the computers resources, so anytime the function was used, there was a lot of latency. Additionally, anytime multiple users were on the system, you would get strange behaviors since multiple clicks were changing this single enum point. Something that would require you to add a bunch of points but might work, would be to place an enum in the folder of each attached view, and the menu could reference it to hide certain images.

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