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Thread: Cotter pins

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    Cotter pins

    I maintain and service a dish accumulater that is about 8 years old and the cotter pins that hold the tray holders are breaking causing mayhem at the middle school lunch room. I tried using what the on-site mechanic had in stock but those broke too. Is there a strongest, longest lasting pin out there?

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    Maybe a washer to relieve wear on the cotter pin.
    If you were a real tech, you'd solder a relay on that board and call it good to go.

    I do a triple evac with nitro to remove non condensables.

    I use 56% silver on everything except steel.

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    Check McMaster Carr book all sorts of material and strengths. Is there play in hole that pin goes in? That comes into play if there is movement also.

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    Sent from the van with the a/c on.

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