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    BKI cpe combiclean issue


    I just started a job as a catering service technician last November and loving the work so far,
    I have an issue I can't seem to resolve tho. A busy store has a bki cpe combi oven and during the combiclean it will not complete the cycle of detergent and rinse, it will get to tempurature fine and spray the water, then a message appears on the screen saying cooling down, this message will stay on for the duration of the cycle (regardless of which cycle it's in) in till the last 3 minutes and then spray water at the finish of the cycle.
    I have tried opening the door to cool down the oven faster but no matter what point in the cycle you do this when you close the door it goes to the last 3 minutes again.
    I have tested the degreaser and rinse aid in the test functions and are working properly. This combi wash cycle was previously working without issue's.

    Was wondering if anyone has come across this problem before, I was thinking maybe tempurature sensor could be at fault, client reports sometimes food is not cooked as well or over done but not to the point that it's an issue

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated


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    Have not run across that paticular problem. Have had *many* issues with these beasts though. We all here generally hate these machines.

    What first comes to mind (other than the computer being out of it's mind) is you may have a sticking ss relay leading to overtemping. And on those combis, it's a larger ss relay assembly, as I recall. I'd check amp draw across the heater during washdown, and see if they stay on constantly. It's unlikely to be a sensor, as I've never seen one fail, but it's of course possible.

    May I ask, you say Catering Service tech. Do you work for a foodservice repair shop, and this is all you do? Sounds great!

    Last hope though, is call BKI and ask for the CPE guru. And good luck. If you figure it out, please comeback and keep us in the loop.

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    Does this happen if you start a clean cycle when the combi is at room temperature?

    Is cold water being supplied to the unit?

    I like the direction Bozo is going... definitely check the SSR’s.

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